Sunday, September 30, 2007


Winter’s coming-
I can feel it
In my skin, my bones, my world,
The dark hazy shapes in the distance
Like monsters threatening my existence.
Men walk along the road
Kicking up dust in every step,
Their mouths parched
Their eyes hard
Cursing through their cracked lips.
Nature feels it too-
Waiting with silent trepidation
For winter to strip it off its leaves
It fights a battle
To give me-
My patch of gold on my bed.
The afternoons are long
Reading books
With my back to the sun.
Huddled figures
Clad in rags
Inches closer to the fire
Their eyes….
Speaking more than words
Tales of their lives of dire.
The world for me
Is closed a room
With a cloud of smoke
Near my window
It’s those roaring monsters
Puffing away
Choking me
My eyes burning, my throat drying
But they say-
It’s just winter coming.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Make life meaningful by bringing in the colours of the native culture of this wonderful country. well what are your comments on the idea of fashion trendz falling for the age old ploy...get trapped in the mesh of age defying culture!!
The Bhagalpur incident has once again shown what happens when power hungry people at the grassroot level take the law in their own hands. Mob mentality has been the characteristic of this section of people. While the whole populace of this "democracy" stares apalled at the video grab that flashes on their screens they stand mute to the inhumanity of the entire incident. The country talks about it, its opeople condemn such incidences but no one raises a voice. How long are we going to be dumb witnessed to such acts of inhumanity?