Monday, November 26, 2007

Home away from home

It was the first time in my life I had this sudden sinking feeling...
For the last four months i have been practically counting my days to go back home... but lo and behold, when the time has actually come and people are actually gearing to go back home, I get this sudden feeling that I've become hooked on to this place!! Who could have thought that this place which I so hated during the first few days is actually pulling at my heart strings!!
The food which I so hated is now a part of my life...oh and the complaining about it too.
Sundays are loooong line waiting like jail ki kaidees to be fed god food for once a week. welll the food is really good on sundays, given the crap that they churn out everyday. The worst part is that they cook all the good food on the same day and the rest of the week we have to parctically starve ourselves, specially when the cash balance hits rock bottom.
Mondays are a faint affort to come back to our mad routine, though most of us thrive in that routine...
Well afterall, the saying that goes on campus is that people here study hard and party harder!!

Indeed no ampunt of bad food or workload can actually curb a CIEFLite's enthusiasm to party!
Well on that note i leave you guys for today...
will surely join you very soon!