Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The experiences I have had in this place (till now) will be something that my memory will refuse to dump in the garbage trash of obsolete memories. The most recent is the one that I had on the evening before the day the second issue of the magazine was to come out...
4:00 PM - I decide that I will not take my second Spanish sessionals.
4:30 PM - Sneha gives me a list of the names and asks me to come up with funny bylines as soon as possible. Then comes the grueling task of coming up with crossword...something I have never done in my life before.
6:00 PM - I stop dilly dallying and decide that I will seriously not take the exam
8:00 PM - frantic editing and layout work going on.
Vivek with his philosophies was not helping us in this stressful condition.
Sneha is almost on the verge of committing murder...!!
I, trying to be the smart ass, call up the Printing guy, assuring him that we are on our way.
8:15 PM - Sneha refuses to get the point that she is working on her laptop... which can be moved to places. M y (for once) sane suggestion of taking the laptop along with us and making a move to leave for God's sake was falling everywhere but into Sneha's ears!!!
Finally, illumination dawns on Sneha and without a second thought she grabs her lappy and runs out of the room and out of the hostel and towards the gate!
Thankfully, or may be unfortunately, given that we are called the "conjoined twins" by a majority of the campus (thanks to Upi) I could read her mind and action...
I follow her out of the room grabbing our wallets and cell phones. Vivek...late to 'get the point' as usual follows us a tad bit behind.

The next scene: Vivek (who manages to outrun us) running towards gate 3. Followed by me (still running) carrying an odd assortment of multiple cell phones and wallets. Then comes Sneha carrying an entire laptop with a pendrive sticking out from one of the USB ports!! Quite a sight we were i must say!
Autowallah has mercy on us... agrees to go without much qualms...

On our way in the auto: Sneha is still working on the layout!! The touch pad and the cursor seemed to have a mind of their own...and Vivek and I were mute spectators to this 'Sneha and mouse' chase...
I decide to be the smart ass again... I call up the printer and tell them that we are almost there when we were at least 20 minutes away.

We finally reach: The man is more relieved to see us actually there in flesh and blood than us reaching there.
Well this is just the beginning...
A call comes from Vrinda (back in campus) - Sai, the xerox center, has not bought the A3 sheets!
After some convincing that Vivek can go by herself the guy actually makes a move. Thankfully he gets a free ride from the owner to General bazaar where from he is to buy the papers. And mind you the guy has not got a dime on him!

After a lot of other mini dramas we finally reach campus armed with our MASTER COPY!
Sai gives a "better news". The machine's not working. So we probably cannot start photocopying before morning! We fix up a time with him... At the insane hour of 6 in the morning!

THE NEXT DAY 5:45 AM - Something buzzing.... zzz..... zzz....
I pry my eyes open... Ishita calling... hearing someone else's voice on the phone... blabbing some thing in Bengali (well it was Sneha on the other side trying to wake me up). I hear a calm voice say "Asmita, this is Sneha here. I can't understand a word you are saying but I think it is time you wake up... and call Ishwar Bhaiya" (the xerox guy). Given my luck, I catch the man in the act! He was in the loo! (let's rhyme)... The things that we do!

6:00 AM - In front of Sai Xerox... Sneha me and Vivek... Gandhiji ke teen bandar. (okay this one does not rhyme... big deal!)
The photocopying finally starts... and the rest is history!

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