Friday, March 28, 2008


My friend – I lost years ago,
I came across her one day
Memories of child hood began to flow-
That had refused to fade away.

Those days of fun
Spent under the clear sun-
Was nothing but pure joy,
The doll’s house
The game of cat-n-mouse
The toy king and his convoy!

Then we grew up, with books pulling us apart
Yet we tried to hold on –
A thin string still connecting our heart
And which one day was gone.

Each went in our own way
As life taught us to dream and pray
But deep within our heart we cried-
For once –
Give me my friend for old time’s sake.

Then one day we come face-to-face
After a decade’s long wait,
What an irony, that we just walked past
Not even changing our pace.

They say that time is the best healer –
But to me it is the greatest stealer,
For it is to Time that lost my friend
With whom I wanted this journey to end…

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