Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Room of One's Own

There was a time when I was assured of a room of my own with nobody to share it with. It was all mine and mine alone! But lo and behold there also came a day in my life when i decided to move out of my house to study outside. Dad asked me whether or not I will be able to cope with a situation where I'll have to share my space which for all theses years have taken for granted with someone elso whom I will get to know for the first time in my life!
First time given a chance to stay away from home and do whatever i want to do in whatever I want to do, I was more than reday to part with that coveted space of mine. I landed up here in Hderabad and the first day here was a reality check for me and for most of us here. Were put up not in the hostels but in the staff quarters and there we stayed for the next four months...we twelve girls and a dog.
Now as i write this I am comfortably seated in a relaxed easy chair enjoying the comforts of a room which has two separate tables and chairs, box beds, two cupbloards and most of all we two (in)human creatures, who are too bored and lazy to keep the room clean. The first few days were easy to do that but slowly as time went on, we too started taking this room too as granted. Sadly, here we don't have mum to do the clean up. So we stay in this shit, which of course is much cleaner for the guys, who voluntarily claim that they live in a pigsty.
S o the moral of the story is that we never appreciate the best we get in life but always focus on what's not there...

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