Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This friend of mine is one of the closest ones that I have here in this anjaane city. We are the perfect example of the love-hate relationship that exists between mallus and bongs! These are some the hilarious and the most innane pieces of conversation that we have had over Gtalk...
Mind you, we both are just a floor apart... Lazy bums that we are we converse this way!!

sneha: did u see the list of names that we got!????
me: yeahhhhhhh!!!!
sneha: this is exactly WHY i was against this idea
me: woh man!
sneha: =/
Peer2 peer??!!
me: i wash my hands off this
sneha: Taar: The String that lets us to Express???
i want to cry
i really want to sit down and weep my lungs out
me: wat abt audacity?
sneha: someone's said domino mag

me: WGASA????
sneha: and they ve included that in the list
i mean, why
me: wats ths /something/somethng/...../....???
sneha: telekinesis!!!
me: stupid corner?!
sneha: waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiill!!
me: flluent eflu...THY VOICE!!!

sneha: :((
Wat do they think of us? - organized chaos??
sneha: i seriously want to cry
me: amritha is almost rolling on the floor...
says hilarious
sneha: i swear i'm gonna caste my vote for bitextuality and taar
me: lol

sneha: and maybe WAGSAGA watever
me: silence is the best
sneha: silence??!
i m fuming
there's smoke coming outta my ears
i swear there is
me: ur hair doesnt help at all
plz do not come dwn and kill me!!!
sneha: pooooooooooodi
me: lol

sneha: i'm gonna go to ishita's room and jump
me: good none taught me mallu
y bother the poor kid
ppl hv strtd tking their picks too!!!
sneha: i REFUSE to be the editor for a mag that calls itself apna EFLU
i'm an inch away from murder

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crumbs said...

abey! between u and sonal, u'll ensure that i land up six feet under, laptop et all.

why so much publicity for me on the blogosphear pray?!! defamation! slander! all other legal sounding words!
i could sue and earn big bucks you know...but then, what use is money to the dead =/ ;P