Sunday, March 23, 2008

Water water water everywhere...

The raindrops keep fallin' on my head...
I love it when the drops-
Fall pitter patter on your face.
It's been raining all day,
And all night.
Life has come to a stand still-
The window is the only vision
To the world outside;
But I'm glad it is so...

The trees afar in the horizon
Sway their green tops in joy.
The water caresses my face
As it drains down to my feet.
I feel like the tree...
My head swirling in the motion.
But my life is standstill now;
It's now drained off life-
For reasons unfathomable...
I can still hear the rain-
Hitting the muddy field outside.
We ran out when the first showers came;
But now life is a shade dark-
A shade grey.

But let it come down...
And shatter the walls,
Let the rain come down...
And wash away the pain
Let a new day come...

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