Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stream of Thoughts and Perceptions...

The dogs bark incessantly. There's nobody stopping them. Peels of laughter reach me sailing on a waft of strong brezze. That sail into my room.The papers flutter. Strewn all over the floor. The pink curtain play hide and seek with me. The bird call out for its companion. I want to run out and answer...
Night's revels vanish in a flash. Non-working flush. A curse on someone's lips. The tap drips. The day rolls by. The bed is a better place than anywhere else in the world. The cell alarm beeps. Snooze. Then completely stop. The laptop screen flickers its light at me. Assignments beckon me. I try to run away. Home seems to be a vague luxury. A constant music plays...that runs havoc in my mind...
Music the only retreat away from, there, everywhere.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jinxed... and still going strong!

You know that there is something terribly wrong when some things refuse to be not repeated in your life.
The MMTS is one such thing. Proven to be the cheapest mode of transport in and around the twin city, the MMTS refuses to give a me chance to avail its opportunities. Three consecutive times I, along with my friends (different groups of friends but with me as the common factor) have missed the MMTS. The important point to be noted is that, everytime, we miss it just when the train is whistling into the other platform and we are standing on the other platform in front of the ticket counter...
Now what do you have to say?
Last time when we missed the train and then had to burn a hole in our pockets to reach the destined place, one of my seniors said that the next time they decide to take the MMTS and they have me along with them they better turn up half an hour before the scheduled time... and then on second thoughts she added - "May be then the train itself might get cancelled!"

Just When I Thought That Life Was Perfect...

Just when I thought that my life was perfect, BANG came the shock! Bhalla asked me to redo the term paper. I was counting my days to go back home, or atleast be done with my exams, and now I have this on my head.

So when friends were eagerly asking me about my grades, I gave them an equally enthusiastic answer - "Oh I've been asked to rewrite!" - and took the pleasure in watching the smile fade out from people's faces. Well yes, people are kind to each other in such situations... you never know when disaster may strike you too!

Advices come pouring in and so does the abuses... It's like a wrong done against a commune which must be protected at all costs from disaster...

I wonder what's wrong with me....!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A 'cooler'-ful life...

So we have coolers in each floor on either side of the new hostel. By either side I meant in the men's as well as the women's side of the hostel. We are a bunch of desperate lunatics who can go to any measures to make life 'cooler' in this hot Hyderabad days. Truly the temperatures are rising and so are tempers and our incapacities to life's various inconveniences...
The coolers had been waiting and adorning the hostel corridors for some days. I was surprised myself why somebody (atleast from the MH) hadn't tried their hands on it already. So yesterday when the mercury hit the ceiling...our "men" got desperate. So what the coolers are not in a working condition, they can make them 'work' according to their rules and logic. So they pulled the cooler near the water filter. Filled it up with water.
No, they did not drink that water, nor did they throw it away. They filed their bottles with the filter water and then put those bottles inside the cooling water of the cooler!! So much for paying heed to the warning that screamed :CLEAN WITH ISO-PROPYLE ALCOHOL before using it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

To New Heights and Realms

Life pulsates in my veins

The blood trying to break its reins

It's the young blood

Restless, brimming with potential.

The hearts are young

The world beckons them.

I brought them together

A bundle of young minds

Who dream to paint the world afresh

With colours that define their wealth.

Weird stuff make them grimace

The sunlight on their faces.

They're swayed by the tumultous world

Of fame and race.

They define anew everything around

A graffiti where ideas abound

The world for them

Is not what it's for y'all

Something which even they don't know

How it'll turn out.

But they are the green shoots

That fill the vacant spaces in me

I feel their sudden outbursts

In song n words n shakin' rears!

They remind me of my summer of '69

When i lost mine...

Gone are the joyous cries

Replaced by slam-dunk and high fives

Gone are the melodies rare

Giving way to

Two bases and one snare

Gone are the two oiled plaits

It's the spikes n shacks n locks n waves.

A tremor hereAnd a fire there

A spring in each step

And autumn in the air

The winter for them is vibrant and live

A collection of jazz for them to jive.

But hey...

They are the youth of today

Building their tomorrows

What'll stop them, they dunno.

I am forever grateful to them

For keeping me alive and taking me....

To new heights and realms.

Creation In My Hands

I sit alone in my room
Snuggled under the shadow of my tin roof...
The rain falls
Like heavenly fountain
Till it reaches the earth
Down here ...
There's a shadow of hectic preparation
To open up our arms
As heaven drops its manna on us.
The wooden frameworks
Are standing... waiting... dripping
The clay figures inside the shed
Laugh at them
What a pity...
One day they wil be laughed at too.
But for me it's no laughing matter.
The creases on my forehead deepens
I'm worried - "will i make it this year?"
The heavens seem to spit upon my effort
I look up in indignation
I've been doing so every morning
But today...The clouds opened up
And answered my prayers
I thought falling on deaf ears
That ray of light
Washed away my tears
Tears... that dropped with the melting clay.
I start my work afresh
Undaunted ... Undefeated.
This is my battle for sustenance
I fight it every year.
The end is always known
But the path to it unclear.
The fresh supply of clay comes
My nimble fingers work upon
The hands, the face, the body...
I feel like God
The creation in my hands
Oh what pleasure there is
To give shape to the Divine...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

When Life Overwhelms You

You sometimes wonder when did those days of my life fly away? Time indeed flies... It's pretty obvious; only that we don't see the obvious most of the time. I don't want to sound like certain someone in one of his poems but I too realized this sometime recently in life. No I'm not passing out or anything... I still have one more year to go... may be less than a year but still...

The whirligigs of your life sweeps you off your feet... and you don't even realize when it goes out of hand. No my readers, once let me contradict you, I'm not on drugs or anything. You feel happy that you are doing things you always wanted to do but never really got the opportunity to do back in time in some place. You are happy that life has finally given you what you always wanted... People recognizing for what you are doing, appreciations and praises galore... in this cluds of happiness or whatever you want to call it, may be 9, I forgot the one person who means a lot to me.. specially in this place where I am staying away from home, my parents, my close ones, friends whom I thought would never get out of touch with and have. She was the first friend I had in this place and the one person I know till this moment I can trust.

But sadly enough, thanks to all those praises galore, I have been neglecting this one aspect of my life here. I did not even notice the obvious this time. I could not be there when she wanted to. When I was sailing in the glory of my success, the person who was like a pillar of support was feeling left out...

They say life teaches you a lot. The tears in my friend's cheeks managed to bring me back to the reality. Those tears taught me that there is nothing more important in life than those who care for you and wish that you achieve the best that life has to offer.