Saturday, April 19, 2008

To New Heights and Realms

Life pulsates in my veins

The blood trying to break its reins

It's the young blood

Restless, brimming with potential.

The hearts are young

The world beckons them.

I brought them together

A bundle of young minds

Who dream to paint the world afresh

With colours that define their wealth.

Weird stuff make them grimace

The sunlight on their faces.

They're swayed by the tumultous world

Of fame and race.

They define anew everything around

A graffiti where ideas abound

The world for them

Is not what it's for y'all

Something which even they don't know

How it'll turn out.

But they are the green shoots

That fill the vacant spaces in me

I feel their sudden outbursts

In song n words n shakin' rears!

They remind me of my summer of '69

When i lost mine...

Gone are the joyous cries

Replaced by slam-dunk and high fives

Gone are the melodies rare

Giving way to

Two bases and one snare

Gone are the two oiled plaits

It's the spikes n shacks n locks n waves.

A tremor hereAnd a fire there

A spring in each step

And autumn in the air

The winter for them is vibrant and live

A collection of jazz for them to jive.

But hey...

They are the youth of today

Building their tomorrows

What'll stop them, they dunno.

I am forever grateful to them

For keeping me alive and taking me....

To new heights and realms.

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