Monday, May 26, 2008

Let Me Be ME...

(This poem was written some years back... in a mood I cannot recollect... suddenly stumbled upon it... felt like sharing with the world... May not make sense to some... Don't worry, so it is with me :D )

I’ve read of people going to places
Leading a life of a bohemian
Seeing the world…
Not through books
(As I do)
But by being there themselves.
I wanna see the world
I wanna know its people.
Yet I’m held back…
The unknown devil’s fear holds me back.

I took one bold step
Those around me revolted.
I gave up,
For I put them first.
I am sick of it,
Something, that gives me nothing.
They corner you
They overpower you
They know you from childhood…
They make you regret
That you ever dreamt of being YOU.
Too many invisible eyes watch you,
From the dark corners;
Ready to pounce upon you.

I am JUST 19, and yet I’m old enough.
I’m stupid… I trusted a stranger.
How funny…
We say we need families
Family, that teaches you
To stick to the status quo,
Like a primitive man?
Nobody understands
That I just wanna be me!