Wednesday, August 27, 2008

...catching up

Fortunately the two pathetic hours that I was not so looking forward to did not last that long... A distant land struggle issue cut it short. Not that any of us in the class were aware of it but a chance of a sudden respite from the ordeal cannot be left otherwise.

A stuffy auditorium... a couple of teachers and a few students... People slowly filing in. One known face making us aware of the land struggle that is raging in Kerela of late... It seems to be another Nandigram in the making... but I will not go into that right now. The speakers were good, or may be because I was interested in the whole issue that kept me up.
The documentary started... but the subtitles refused to work... well they were not exactly subtitles per se but paraphrases... So as I waited for some text to appear, the person on the big screen would go on in a language I have no frikkin' clue about.

Came back to my room. Feels weird nowadays to be in a room and not be with someone else. But my roomy is busy with a presentation... might miss her performance... got a class.

Just when I thought that the day finally drawing to a close... one weird accusation came shooting at me...
I am just left tired. This place is now getting full of them. I am just left wondering how sometimes (thankfully not always) even I get involved in them too...

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