Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Day in the life of a nobody

People complain that their life is boring... I complain that there are too many things happening in and around my life that's making me tired.
I wake up, drag myself out of my bed to the loo, only to discover that the good for nothing no one's pet but want to be one dog has pooped right in the middle of the bathroom... So much for morning ablutions in peace...
Went to mess... bumped into a certain someone whom I have been avoiding like a plague since yesterday... a perfect morning gone down the drain.
The mess queue was longer than ever. A simple meal demanded that I stand in the queue for a perfect 40 minutes before I get four very oily puries that will make your stomach turn.
Over the food, one very enthusiastic senior (already up and ready with her jhola et al) tells me about one fiasco that happened last night. The campus seems to thrive with these nowadays.
No classes in the morning... Thanks to a friend in need friend, I enjoyed a warm cup of coffee with chocolate powder. Only to realize that I have exactly half an hour to finish my unfinished appointment with Mr Loo...

After a brain chewing (if there is any such word) I am greeted with a yucky looking vegetable curry in the mess. So had to make do with veg roll.

Afternoons are fun. Chatted with a whole lot of be more correct bitched. The clock is ticking another pathetically spent couple of hours staring at me...
Oh that means, gotta go now... may be i will catch up later.

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