Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wandering wonderment

I sit and watch as the tiny ripples of water flow past me
it is like time flowing past you
i have somewhere to go
but my mind refuses take my body
anywhere ... no where.
It is a beautiful day
the smell of newly washed leaves
the strong breeze that brings it towards me.
I am enraptured
carried away to the other me
the me who wants to be a nobody
the me who does not want to leave the gentle assurance of the mother's voice.

I woke up with a warmth on my cheek
i haven't been woken up such for a long time
always rubbing the sleep from my eyes
hurrying to wherever my feet took me.

My heart warmed up
and a weird pain crept into me
happiness was short lived
i knew this will go too
there is something so volatile so powerful
i could never hold on to it.
Every time that soft end of the sari
just slipped between my fingers.

I am just left wondering
will i ever get back those days...

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