Sunday, August 31, 2008

messages from nowhere...

So some car repair company (Mody Motors) has been sending me messages urging me to collect my car, the existence of which I had no knowledge of till now. It goes something like this:

Dear Customer,
Your vehicle is services and ready for delivery. Job no: 538, the bill amount is 2847

So technically, I have the chances of getting a car by 2847 bucks!!


kaatib said...

"Iam sure there will be loads in this hell hole"

I didn't get what you meant by that

asmita said...

@ kaatib

I meant there will be loads of takers for Che poster in this place (campus).
Any particular reason behind using this phrase must not take you by surprise, given the latest happening on campus of late.

Well, it is nothing against you... so chill :P