Sunday, September 21, 2008

just doesn't give up

The sky is overcast again. The countdown continues. The last few minutes have to be made full use of… just like one makes the best of her waking hours. All are running around to get everything into perfection. The dancers. The decorating committee. The actors. The sound team. The masters of the ceremony. The technician. There is an underlying tension inside all.
And in the midst of this hurly burly I suddenly find myself having nothing to do. I wait as the clock ticks. In a few minutes the room will be filled by the rustles of the fabric that will crowd this space that I prefer to call my own.
As I sit pondering I recall what I have done the whole day. Fairly a huge amount of work but nothing very concrete though. But the company was good. So time flowed as if it has wings. My first venture outside the room (after the late breakfast of maggi with coffee and a sad effort at studying) led me to the path of gossip. Then took up the brave front of a friend who stands by another. Threatened and coaxed people to come and help me in the deed. Lunch was another round of the serpentine maggi.
And then the rains came…
First in tokens and then as cats and dogs.
Nature betrayed us or were we too confident of its mood swings?
But man just doesn’t give up.

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