Monday, September 22, 2008

when things go wrong

Things couldn't have gone any more wrong, any more worse. After the many humanly hurdles,the elements threw the last and the toughest of hurdles.
The rains came...
An emergency meeting was called to salvage the situation.

Onam celebrations did happen. With a blast. Wonderful performances.
But hey where did things go wrong?
After the rains it was the soggy lawn. Sitting on it was out of the question. Thus over 100 chairs were carried out of the classrooms to the lawn. It was a moment to remember when everyone pitched in to make the evening 'happen'.
The time had to be shifted to post-dinner.
The usual CIEFL delays...
The programme starts with Sneha cracking the saddest joke she could come up with till date... but she still pulled it off.
Sharika had a wardrobe malfunction in both the traditional dances.
Vrinda got an electric shock because of the wet stage and the wires that were running underneath it. Hence, Thiruvathirakalli had to started again, and then the sound man forgot to increase the faders. So after two missed shots the dance finally happened. And all this going onstage and coming off did some good to the jittery nerves of the dancers.
The rest of the programme went smoothly with the high point being the play.
And then the chain of disasters started after everything got over. Two cases of cramps and faints.
That entailed a second round of running around...
But all said and done we all went to bed with the happy thought that despite everything we have pulled it off!


viju said...

If everything had been done correctly, it would have been a plain onam, what we used to have every year.
The mistakes didn't get added up, somehow they became added to the amateurness of the whole thing which in turn made the event SUPER COOL!

viju, the one who stole the onam video

asmita said...

And why pray have u been in denial all these days??