Thursday, October 30, 2008


"Cockroaches and socialites are the only things that can stay up all night and eat anything."

"Researchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana. The researchers also discovered other similarities between the two but can't remember what they are."
Matt Lauer (on NBC's Today Show).

Came across these quotes while whiling away my precious youth surfing the net.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not A Story

The little girl… had the most beautiful voice and was the apple of her father’s eyes. Before she learnt anything about the world that was to be her home, she learnt about the sounds of music. Her music spoke for her and she was happy that way. She was her father’s favorite and never felt the need for anything else in the whole wide world. As she started growing up, her voice became her identity. It made her stand out in a crowd. And who could have imagined that inside the fragile body was housed one of the most wonderful voices that one will hear. When she immersed herself in the labyrinth of the musical notes, she felt the ripples of the sounds playing over her body.
Her first follower was her father who brought her into the world of music. She was like the Brahmin – twice born; once from her mother’s womb and again into the world of music, holding her father’s hand. He was her worst critic and again her best friend who told her to watch out at every step.
And then the day came when that perfect world of her shattered and broke to pieces. It was the end of the world for her. Everything that she had believed all these years felt like a lie. She questioned her reality and thought whether the life she has led till that day – was it true or was it a dream? Yes, she has heard of dreams coming to an end and the fact that reality may not be the same as what one thinks. But is this the same thing? Has that demon caught up with her? The demon which she always thought existed in the far away fairytales found in storybooks. It is that demon that has now come to rob her off that life that she holds so close to her heart?
She has always been close to her father. He was her God. She worshipped him as she had seen so many of his disciples do. But never once did she realize that for her father she was more the disciple than the daughter. Slowly, as she grew up she began to notice the cracks in the relationship that she held so reverently, with her father. Just like the way her mother began noticing after her sister was born. May be she had been witness to things but was too young to comprehend the immensity of the small insignificant incidents.

It hit her that afternoon when she came back from school. She felt the tension in the room the moment she entered. Her father sat brooding. An expression so menacing; something she never associated with her father. But it will become the truth for her about her father. That’s how she will always remember him, despite the perfect childhood that she had enjoyed.
For the first time she began to question the marks on her mother’s body. For the first time she began to look at her father just like any other man. For the first time she began to question the comings and goings of the lady friends in her father’s life. Why did they suddenly appear and then was never heard off again? Her life was no more like any other sixteen year old. She became her mother’s support and her sister’s role model. She made sure that she was never anybody’s God. She was hurt. She was lost. She was made to grow up before her time. She was thrown into the dark grim pit of reality a little too soon.
The world began to have a different hue altogether. It had only one colour, white. No not because it was pure. But it was like a clean slate, on which she had to know and understand the world anew. Everything she had believed till this day held no truth for her anymore. She scrapped it all and began to build her own world, as she saw it.

May be continued...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Manure money

Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells...

Mon kharap kora bikel paane rode koreche...

Bikeler halka roddur Ta ekhono shei chHoTo belakar kotha gulo mone koriye dey. CharTe baja manei ek dourey barir shamner maThe chole jawa. Kintu shei din gulo jeno ekhon koto doore lage. Aj jokhon 5 Tar somoy class e boshe cinema'e neorealism er Dheu niye gyan shunchilam, hoTat mon Ta bheshe chole gelo shei swapner shomoy Ta te. Ami ekTa khola maThe neel akasher tolae... maTher shesh Ta amar chokhe porchHe na... dokhiner hawa Ta boye anchhe koto smriti bismriti. Kotodin hoe gelo ami shekhane jaini. Aj o ki shob kichu sherokom e ache? Bhable kirokom mon Ta utola hoe oThe. Bhebe obak lagey... koi onno somoy to shei shoishob Tar kotha mone pore na. tobe aj keno? tao jokhon ami ato durey... jokhon ek dourey jekhane jabo ta amar bhalo lagey na. Shei udbhranter dour amake kothae ar niye jabe? Obosheshe to shei kalo gate ebong phire asha. Ki amake aTke rekhechHe? Kei ba amake ei door probashe genthe rekhechHe? Bhable obak lagey... ami shudhui bhabi... kono uttor pai na.
tobe bola kae je ami kono din uttor khonji ni... proshno Tao je jageni. Ajo ki ami kono uttor khunjchHi?

Kotha theke kotha bheshe elo. Ami phire elam... na shei roudro pora maThe te noe. Door desher ekTi shohore ja amar bari ei duTi bochhor
er jonno... tarpor? Abar bhebe dekhbo na hoe, kemon?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

where is home?

And... I am back!! The explanation may not be like the emphatic drunken expression like that of Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, but I would definitely like to evoke the same effect ;D

So my ten days of complete bliss is finally over. And back to that life that has become closer to heart and away from home. I did miss this life, yes, I did say that after that disclaimer in my previous post (which attracted three quite different types of comments).

Some were waiting for me to come back for reasons known as well as unknown to me. Some were unabashed friends who placed orders for bengali sweets and there were many silent others whom I knew closely followed my blog, but refused to flatter me with a comment :P

With a few technical glitches my life is back to normal. Well.... yes my laptop's not working... a complete earth stopping incident for someone whose temperamental graph swings according to the well being of one's laptop!! Hopefully, everything will fall into its usual groove (that would include me again hunched in front of the comp and becoming more and more difficult to be pulled out of my room except for food and occasional classes).

As for what I have missed... here's a sneak peak -----
# A referendum that would decide where we are going to eat our pathetic daily morsels.
# A full fledged protest and that meant no classes
# My close friend getting hand picked by the admin to be part of the admin nominated member of the student member

But that doesn't top life from rolling, right?
So I am trying to brace it with a brave front.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Take a break

Finally my plans of going home are materializing. Of course, a lot of heat and sweat has gone into it. But I shall not dwell on the happenings that crowded my life for the last couple of days.
I am going home for the Durga Pujas. No, not to spend the hours contributing to the footfall meter in Maddox or some other place. I am expecting this trip to be like a break to unwind after the too many things happening in my mortal life. A lot of people whom I haven't had the the privilege to meet with, I shall bump into. Fond memories to be exchanged and nostalgia shall be indulged.
Hence, I shall not be blogging for sometime. But I will definitely come back with a whole lot of wonderful experiences to talk about as well as photographs to lose one self in.
Till then...