Thursday, October 2, 2008

Take a break

Finally my plans of going home are materializing. Of course, a lot of heat and sweat has gone into it. But I shall not dwell on the happenings that crowded my life for the last couple of days.
I am going home for the Durga Pujas. No, not to spend the hours contributing to the footfall meter in Maddox or some other place. I am expecting this trip to be like a break to unwind after the too many things happening in my mortal life. A lot of people whom I haven't had the the privilege to meet with, I shall bump into. Fond memories to be exchanged and nostalgia shall be indulged.
Hence, I shall not be blogging for sometime. But I will definitely come back with a whole lot of wonderful experiences to talk about as well as photographs to lose one self in.
Till then...


crumbs said...

mishti doi!!!!!
and aren't your labels longer than your posts??!!!

vrinda said...

bring back FOOD!! and dont forget to miss us :P

kaatib said...