Wednesday, October 15, 2008

where is home?

And... I am back!! The explanation may not be like the emphatic drunken expression like that of Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, but I would definitely like to evoke the same effect ;D

So my ten days of complete bliss is finally over. And back to that life that has become closer to heart and away from home. I did miss this life, yes, I did say that after that disclaimer in my previous post (which attracted three quite different types of comments).

Some were waiting for me to come back for reasons known as well as unknown to me. Some were unabashed friends who placed orders for bengali sweets and there were many silent others whom I knew closely followed my blog, but refused to flatter me with a comment :P

With a few technical glitches my life is back to normal. Well.... yes my laptop's not working... a complete earth stopping incident for someone whose temperamental graph swings according to the well being of one's laptop!! Hopefully, everything will fall into its usual groove (that would include me again hunched in front of the comp and becoming more and more difficult to be pulled out of my room except for food and occasional classes).

As for what I have missed... here's a sneak peak -----
# A referendum that would decide where we are going to eat our pathetic daily morsels.
# A full fledged protest and that meant no classes
# My close friend getting hand picked by the admin to be part of the admin nominated member of the student member

But that doesn't top life from rolling, right?
So I am trying to brace it with a brave front.


Mojo Jojo said...

Ah. Maybe your laptop's taking a break now :)
But welcome back! Coz even everyday life can be fun :)

Btw, hey! Do make your comment box accessible to Wordpress users too. Right now, the only way I can is by linking you to my dead-n-gone Blogger site)

Mojo Jojo said...

Ah. Thanks! :)