Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blast from the past...

It's time to slowly start wrapping up things for this semester. Not the forever enthu type to start packing so soon, I nevertheless ventured to have a look at what are the things that are dumped in the lowest shelf of my cupboard. Suddenly I came across a notebook that was more of a journal years back. I did not even know that I have this with me here. Should take it back home and leave it there. But just as old things make us stop and wait and look at it, I started ruffling through the pages... Mundane things about life, a bit of PNPC here and there about somebody somewhere, an enraged entry after a huge fight with Mum when I felt that that was the end of it. But then, end of what? I guess when you are young you tend to think that you will do something so drastic (which is actually stupid) that it will change your whole world. Only that for me, I have not been able to find something that drastic to do! But that desire still remains... only I, like many others around me, cannot imagine me doing anything too out of the world. I am somebody who usually follows the rules, not the stickler for rules, but like to walk on the right side of the 'law'.
I am just waiting for that moment when that 'me' will emerge. Till then it is just me.
And suddenly I turned a page and found a few lines that had caught my fancy:
"Your own reality - for yourself, not for others - what no other man can ever know. They can only see the mere show, and never can tell what it really means."

Conrad, Heart of Darkness


crumbs said...

wonder if you are trying to sound old and mature :D

asmita said...

May be for a change and for general peace I should at least try to sound old and mature :P