Friday, February 20, 2009

Born to be WILD!

A Birthday that was untold...
and then it was fun!!


scrat said...

well its "stscason" this time.... gotta share the bday wid u... kutty... have loads of fun

but i believe that "born to be wild" was meant for me....( cant imagine u being wild)

ayya... enuff... byeeeee

scrat said...

chamak chamak birthday huh.... happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay kutty:)
n yeah i shall sign off as scrat..

amritha said...

Did you and your twin sister decide to take time off your eventful schedules to blog at the same time? :P :D

crumbs said...

Amritha is mean.
I repeat. Amritha is mean :(

P.S: you forgot to mention how exclusionary it was

AMIT said...

Oh yeah Born to be Wild.Good one.

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