Friday, September 18, 2009

Mahalaya EFL-U ishtyle and the fever!

A lonely laptop connected to a speaker, perched on top of a water cooler. One bunch of not-so-enthu with why-are-we-here looking bongs huddled on the third floor. The Bengali poster was the one thing that got them there. The first one since I have come to this place. Breakfast at Reddy's with the ever-so-looming apprehensions of submission - of assignments and bibliographies. And then the fever hit me.

The pic will come up sometime soon - right now it is adorning one of the walls in my room.

ps: finally putting up the poster... (26.02.2010)

1 comment:

medusa said...

stay clear of the bongs in EFLU and the fever won't catch you.
can't believe three years down the line, you'r still listening to mahalaya.