Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thrown back into this world

And so when I thought that my activity in the blogosphere has most certainly become unexplainably low, I am thrown back into it by two non-rockets non-scientists who think that "the food on rockets is REALLY bad!" ... yes that's exactly how their blog subhead reads.
As for my part, I have earned the copyright to some of the photographs that they are going to use. Now the real story behind that whole copyright thingy is the result of both the non-scientists' effort at trying to keep me as far as possible from the point of action, for obvious precautionary measures that one should take if they are hoping to keep the sanity in the atmosphere intact. Hence, they let me have my fill in the food-making process by taking photographs as I wished. Who would have known that precautionary exercises would one day bear fruit in the lives of two non-rocket non-scientists...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lines written in a whim

The silence of the night is broken by the faint melodies of songs of yesteryears, while the trains chug by in the distance. They are the dark shapes making their way into the darkness, their paths lighted by a straight ray of light that gets thrown into the distance. And suddenly the music stops and there is sheer darkness and the silence of the night overpowers the quietude. The crickets carry on with their banter and the big brown moth desperately tries to enter the room through the slit in the ventilator. Sounds of laughter come from somewhere and the night is told that it is not yet time to sleep. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Boxed in a box

It's funny how all of them have become (or perhaps probably already were) one box in my screen with the fancy email id that hides the names and a green or red button at the top left corner (or sometimes even invisible). Of course, they peep out of that box once in a while to drop a "hey there". The appearance of my picture with along with their's in that tiny box is the only connection between them and me. Sometimes they fall silent while I keep staring at the oh-so-important box, waiting for the all so evident hint on the screen ~ "_______ is typing" something. It's silent words that are coming coded, encoded and decoded by the distance of miles or even a two inch wall. Sometimes when things hit really rock bottom - when the boxes say nothing at all, one gathers comfort at the very thought - they may not be talking to me but they are right there in that tiny blue box with a white screen...

I think I can officially be declared a happy loner!

Friday, May 7, 2010

What am I thinking?

Morning conversations. A not-so-happy-ness at the day that is to follow. Nothing-to-do-ness. Trying-to-do-something-ness. News and speculations. A cycle that likes to repeat itself every single day... and yet I still keep wondering what if this is that day that will change my whole life?

Am I that brain dead that this is all I can come up with?? :O

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Prolonged breakfast, phone calls made, bills paid, books read, and moved on with the day... another Sunday will whiz past and what will I do...??

Yes I haven't blogged for a really long time. But I feel no sorry for having not. Didn't feel like writing anything and therefore didn't come back to blogger for sometime. No I will not try and explain it as a writer's blog. I simply did not want to write. Isn't that enough?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Awards and show offs

It's been months since I blogged. Surprisingly, there has been no pangs of guilt for this. Only today morning one regular visitor pointed out that since I am already in the non-work mode, I might as well do something useful and keep my blog active.
Eventually it was an award from a fellow blogger that finally got me to type in something. No dear readers, this does not mean that one can raise their hope looking for some more regular updates. I am just being a show off right now, that's all.

Now all one has to do is to nominate some twelve bloggers. I am being extra lazy and nominating only those few whom I follow regularly. And now my job is done!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh not so mushy after all...

One ride on a public bus in Kolkata jolted me back to my senses. All those sweet mushy excesses that I have been witness to was washed out of the window, thanks to the string of abuses and threats that shot into my overhearing ear. I never thought that a simple bus ride to my old haunt - college and beyond - would prove so enlightening.

I was feeling quite happy that even after being quite out of touch with the public transport in good ol' Calcutta, I had managed to grab a seat. And then came the fated phone call. Now if one has taken a ride on a Calcutta bus, one must have noticed that something as personal as a phone call does not remain all that personal anymore. From the very first ring to the awkward (for the unfortunate listeners in this case) end to that conversation (as is the case here) the whole process is a public affair. The conversation is carried out in a voice quite above normal, blame the traffic and the external noise as well as the person on the other side. Now it is the responsibility of the co-passengers to maintain one's dignity and at least pretend to not overhear or not overhear at all. Yours truly, being quite out of practice with the art couldn't help overhearing - though in my defense I was sitting next to the this person - and the words that shot into my ear were like missiles shooting out and splintering in every possible direction. 

When the person in question got off at a nearby stop I wondered, is it the passage of time, or the weather, or the geographical location, or was it I simply lacked the power of observation and "overhearing"... or is it a natural course that a relationship runs through?

Anyway, I have done too much of pondering on this issue over the last two posts. I will rest my case and let the rightful figure it out.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

To be or not to be... is there ever an end to it?

In the last few months I have experienced what it feels like to be “falling” and then “in” love – the smile that cannot under any circumstances be wiped off the face, the whole drill of missing even when there is really nothing much to miss, the sentences begun and then left incomplete, the whispered phone calls till late at night – the winter serving as the best excuse to pull the blanket over the head – though I wonder what happens in the summers, the whole wardrobe overhaul, the mirror becoming the best friend, finding everything beautiful, the complete (blissful?) ignorance of the depleting bank balance, unearthing beauty in the strangest of things – things you never remotely thought would come under your radar, the tensed calls from home, the explaining that you never wanted to be a part of, the whole experience of digging one’s own grave by making the mistake of opening your mouth more than necessary (yeah I know it’s a little corny! ; D), the long conversations over “assignments”, the walks in the midnight, the whole experience of the moment when the rest of the world suddenly vanishes into oblivion when you both are there together, the extended meals, the wait…

God is there ever an end to it?!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Had been thinking that the blog needed a different look. Was getting bored myself. So in a spur of a moment I thought of changing the template. Then major screw up happened and now one is only left with this. Have to get back to all those blogs I had gotten into the habit of following.
Some things are indeed best left unchanged...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

So much a for New Year...

And the New Year arrived – for some with all the pomp and hype, and for some with a whimper. Spending the New Year’s Eve away from home I thought to make the most of it and indulge in all the hoopla that I have missed out on all these years. Plans were discussed, schedules were set, and arrangements were made. The result was – a small group of close friends, a bonfire on the terrace and a moderate amount of booze. The perfect combination for a perfect beginning to a (as I already know) less than perfect year that is to unfold. But there is a reason why I am known to be jinxed. Even while the plan was on and rolling, the clock struck 12 and all we had were two friends waiting for the rest to come, more importantly for the “parcel” to come, and all the while doing what? – knitting!

Two hours later – the “parcel” never came neither did the carriers of the parcel. The close knit friends finally made it after being stranded on the road on 31st night – but an hour late. Phone calls to family failed as the network got jammed and then later it became too late to call home – unless I wanted to start off a false alarm. Two glasses of homemade wine is all we had between six of us – not to mention that my share was robbed off by bullying juniors.

The bonfire happened and so did the waking up of the ‘good Brahmin’ neighbourhood while we scavenged for fuel for the bonfire. We did of course have five months of old newspaper and two cans of deo. An hour and half into ‘having’ the bonfire - the unanimous conclusion was none of us will ever survive in a jungle. We may call the city a jungle but the very first day the year reminded us once again that we are very a part of that ‘jungle’.

Happy New Year, folks!