Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thrown back into this world

And so when I thought that my activity in the blogosphere has most certainly become unexplainably low, I am thrown back into it by two non-rockets non-scientists who think that "the food on rockets is REALLY bad!" ... yes that's exactly how their blog subhead reads.
As for my part, I have earned the copyright to some of the photographs that they are going to use. Now the real story behind that whole copyright thingy is the result of both the non-scientists' effort at trying to keep me as far as possible from the point of action, for obvious precautionary measures that one should take if they are hoping to keep the sanity in the atmosphere intact. Hence, they let me have my fill in the food-making process by taking photographs as I wished. Who would have known that precautionary exercises would one day bear fruit in the lives of two non-rocket non-scientists...

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