Friday, January 28, 2011

And the story continues...

So continuing with the story which I thought I will hand over to the more 'experienced' ones, I come back to the two star struck lovers (?) who are not so much struck by the star, but has settled down quite well. It's been a year and I rejoice as much for them, but more because I get  a single room for myself at a fairly regular interval. Keeps me happy and everybody else around! So from the initial syndromes (you can find them here) to the meet-the-parents, to house-hunting, to cooking (by someone who is best kept outside the kitchen), to partially moving in. The story has indeed moved on. 
So the kid who was a disaster in the kitchen has graduated to holding her ground quite well even when it comes to cooking single-handedly - not to mention the mother amusedly complaining about how she cooks only for 'him'. Well of course, here comes the moment when both of them would go straight and plunge into the whole disclaimer bit. (I regret the others who are completely lost what I am speaking about, so I expect some of my readers to help each other out). But then thanks to this development, we the lucky souls, have been treated with various forms of bhindi and chocolate cakes. 
But since most of my entries pertaining to this has been about the supposed 'outcomes' here is a list:

  • The extra long hair that gave competition to not just her but all her friends is now gone.
  • The facial hair is missing (even if it is only for a few days).
  • Left wondering whether the students were laughing at the above mentioned sudden change or the "Tumhein kuch nahin pata" written on one's feet.
  • Five minutes is never five but a whole lot more that comes in between ;)
  • Promises of working inevitably broken by the (obvious only to the others around) 'stay overs'.
  • The roommate is greeted in the morning by a roommie in yet another unfamiliar t-shirt.
  • The increasing pile of work and yet the utter disregard to it all. After all... :)
  • Bhindi features more - even on the others who share the food.
  • Everyone has someone to bully and wink to get stuff from Sitaphalmandi.
But the saga continues for the depleting bank account, the whispered phone calls at night (oh the inconveniences of having an insomniac roommate!), the taking-interest-in-things-that-never-hit-your-radar-before, the digging of one's own grave, the whole experience of the moment when the rest of the world suddenly vanishes into oblivion when you both are there together, the extended meals, the wait…