Thursday, August 11, 2011

The title is NOT "First One Down"

Would have loved to call this post "First One Down" but then don't really want to sound all that senile just yet. Life is still young and the world is yet to be driven up its walls by the bunch of us. But then just to break it to the blogger world (not that anyone here is new and is not already in my various other social networking circles but then I want to blog and hence I do it all over again here) my first and oldest roommie, Amritha, got engaged this week, bringing all the rest of us too close to that danger mark. There are some who might be thinking otherwise, but to be honest, being on the wrong side of a quarter century, with the awesome luck of having had to come back to one's own city, life is not all that colourful. Of course, trying not to be the prodigal child, I do accept the healthy homemade food (which again is not helping me in my struggle against the ever increasing midsection of my torso), the cheap accommodation, the free internet and television. But then one is but forced to say that one would be more than glad to drop it all and rather be a visiting member of the family (if there is at all some such thing in this awesome world) once in a while.

When I was a kid I used to wonder how all mothers say the same thing and would also, given the brilliant brain that I was and still am, come to the conclusion that they must have all studied in the same (bloody) school (the last parenthetised word is of course a much later and grown up addition). I must say, quarter of a century down the line, I think I am still going to say the same thing with as much conviction (may be even more now) as I did back then. Now if I plunge into the whole 'what-happened-why-am-I-saying-this' yarn, I think I might as well start a whole new blog for that. Well, to be honest, it is not that we (yours truly and crumbs) don't have a project like that in mind, but that is for laters. This post, like most of my other post is about the all important announcement that I wanted to make about my friend Amritha and ended up saying so many other random things as well. Hence, I shall stop now and right here.

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