Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Since it's been a while...

Since it has been a while (and which was surprisingly pointed out from one unexpected end) I come back to the blog on a day when I am feeling least at home and missing the one place where diwali was a lot more than just lighting diyas and bursting crackers. While the former did happen (and which has also contributed to the innumerable photographs that a certain Aby Abraham never got tired of) the latter was not felt necessary. Living away from home diwali initially meant walking uninvited (coz invites were considered offensive when the door was open to all and the food never actually ran out) into the friendly prof's house and gorging on some really yummy food. Over the years, the guests became the hosts and one of the few 'happening' party planners where the cooking started in the morning, continued till the guests pulled them out of the kitchen, or worst still, were actually hurled into it if they ever made the mistake of knowing better than the know-it-all cooks. The dangerous-if-kept-anywhere-near-the-kitchen souls were held at bay with either a cam or the sweets or the internet. 
While I am writing this very post, there one soul who is feeling as much left out as yours truly and there are five others who are trying to sound as if the whole place is as loud as it was these last few years. Trying not to sound this as an obituary but rather a memorabilia of a life well lived with no regrets, I join the hosts of this year in spirit, who for the first time I am guessing are not worried that the food might not be enough.
Here are some of the glimpses from the past: