Saturday, March 24, 2012

Done with the mush... enter the kite syndrome

It is time now to move on into the story that had made me come back to my blog again and again. Indeed the story has moved on. And one would like to begin that part of the story with an observation and a theory.

It is a funny observation that one makes when one looks around and sees the number of smitten people around. Do not take yours truly to be a cynical fool (not by a least chance) by reading the last statement. But what happens when smitten becomes serious and life no more remains smitten at all?

They wanted smitten-ness in their lives, but ended up being what they very modern-ly would like to term as ‘companionate’ (marriage).

One would like to call this a kite syndrome where there is a villain and a victim. One understands that this is immensely confusing for the readers, but hang on while I explain this in kite language. And so, before the kite could overcome the choppiness in the weather and encounter a smooth take off, it was suddenly hurled high up in the air. It gasped and sputtered and went around in complete circles as the whole world went into a topsy turvy rigmarole and  what not-ness. Then whoosh came a sudden gush of wind and everything became steady, momentarily though (victim of course is unaware of it all). And just when it thought that it could spread its wings and soar up into the open, there felt a strong tug that brought it right back to where it was hurled into the air from. It could soar but only far enough as the string reached. Now I’m sure it didn’t take long for you, dear readers, to figure out which one is the smitten turned companionate and which one is the villain in the guise of a family. And hence the entry of the villain family in this drama.

So, all was fine and hunky dory until the villains (to their whole smitten-ness) entered the scene and the drama reached a new high. It made them realize one thing very solidly that it is very loverly to take responsibilities and yet that same responsibility became claustrophobic when it was forced. They had a fast forward version of the whole forgetting the world around, the depleting bank balance, the wistfulness, the jibes from friends, the whole meeting the family, the trip together. So much so that it became difficult for them to keep track of things. Laid back as they both were they did not like being pushed around to doing things that were completely against their skin. It turned them into rebels without a cause.

Now they are in desperate need of a cause.

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Amritha said...

A couple of days ago, I suddenly realised that I haven't visited your blog in ages!
I can so see your frustrated expression when i read this post. Love the metaphor of the kite, by the way. :)