Thursday, August 30, 2012

Of infrequent visits and desires

The morning paper was supposed to bring in a lot of serious speculations regarding where the country is heading, what with the two crucial verdicts that were passed yesterday - the 32 convicted for the Godhra pogrom and the hung till death verdict of the Supreme Court for Ajmal Kasab, the only accused caught alive for causing the death of so many innocents on 26/11.

With news channels closely following the heels of the MTV generation of jump cuts, packing our lives with too many information, your brain begins to pick and choose among the serious, the over exhausted, the pertinent, and that which particularly interests you, your interest of course having nothing to do with the whirligig of information that keeps bombarding you every other moment of your life.

Thus, today morning after having steadfastly trudged past the more serious news of the newspaper, I finally turn towards the supplementary pullout to read in peace as I brush away away the seriousness of life. And how could one have ever thought that a personal experience by one of the lifestyle column reporters about the gastronomic practices of the Andhra region would provoke so many "I told you so" chuckles from yours truly. Having missed the Halim dinners for the entire Ramzan month, reading this article came as a delight that only those who agree with my situation would understand. What can I say, with so many around feverishly writing about their 'problematized' daily experiences from a firm political standpoint, I take pleasure in my infrequent visits to my blog and the more infrequent desire to write something.

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